List of Sponsors & Partners


Siemens (South Africa) – Silver Sponsor


Siemens forms part of South Africa’s social fabric – as an employer, an investor, and as a supplier of ingenious technology.  Siemens will continue to play a constructive role in South Africa‘s successes by creating local value and being a regional partner to the country’s socio – economic development goals.


‘Ingenuity’ conveys Siemens promise to help South Africa’s energy infrastructure operators and South African businesses of every type. Helping them to create a competitive marketplace advantage through improved productivity and reduced life cycle costs, which leads to better value add for customers and greater profitability.  Helping to improve critical performance benchmarks including greater operating efficiency, energy efficiency, availability and uptime. Using innovative technology to transform industries and sectors.

Creating a more favorable environment for business while improving lives everywhere and reducing the impact of industrialization and urbanization on South Africa’s unique natural habitat and wildlife. This is critical…to be globally responsible and locally sustainable. Here in South Africa, Siemens is already enabling a transition to sustainable development through ingenuity: through integrated solutions that enhance electrification and automation technologies with software and data insights. Through customized solutions for South Africa’s unique operating environments and through technologies that increase productivity and output while improving operations and energy efficiency.


Intel (South Africa) – Platinum Sponsor


Intel strives to enhance the potential of the continent by touching the life of every African. The company manufactures the computing technology that powers the world’s smartphones, tablets, and computers, with these intelligent technologies allowing individuals and businesses to improve, develop and control their own futures, and helps to build the regional economy. Additional stimulation of the economy is achieved through Intel’s support of local entrepreneurs and the expansion of the local software ecosystem by supporting developers.


Within South Africa, Intel delivers innovative products and essential services to its customers, companies, government and original equipment manufacturers that helps firms improve, develop and control their businesses. For Intel though, it is about much more than simply selling technology. As important is our mission to assist people in creating their own tomorrow, by helping them collaborate and helping to build communities.

The company’s passion for making a difference to the lives of women and the youth is manifested by its various initiatives. Intel’s education schemes aim to make a difference to millions of Africans through industry-leading programmes that provide South Africans with the tools they need to thrive and grow in modern society. Examples of such programmes include Intel’s She Will Connect initiative which endeavours to provide digital literacy and entrepreneurship skills to young women in developing countries and Intel’s Teach Programme that has trained more than 400 000 teachers in 16 countries and territories, enhancing the lives of more than 20 million learners in the process